Miami Motorcyle Tour [3 hrs]

Miami Motorcycle Half Day Tour

Ride on a motorcycle to visit the Garifuna Village of Miami in the north coast of Honduras, off roading through sandy turf on un even paths in a motorcycle adventure with some adrenaline. [wc_box color=”info” text_align=”left”] Experience the off road sandy terrain on one of our Kawasaki KLR 650, Honda XR 600 R, Yamaha XT 250 […]


Hicaque-Arizona+Triunfo [Half Day]

Hicaque Motorcycle Tour - Dirt Road

Take a motorcycle tour riding through the off roads on the outskirts of Tela, Honduras through shallow rivers and a up and down some hills, idling at a fair pace to arrive at the Garifuna Village of Triunfo de la Cruz. [wc_box color=”info” text_align=”left”] Venture through off road terrains on one of our Kawasaki KLR 650, Honda XR […]


Rio La Esperanza – Miami [Half Day]

Enjoy this motorcycle tour riding through some off roads on the outskirts of Tela, Honduras, passing through ups and downs of hills that will finally lead you to the Garifuna Village of Miami. [wc_box color=”info” text_align=”left”] Experience the off road terrain on one of our Kawasaki KLR 650, Honda XR 600 R, Yamaha XT 250 […]


Lancetilla [Half Day]

The Lancetilla Botanical Gardens are the second largest tropical botanical gardens in the world. [wc_box color=”info” text_align=”left”]The diverse habitats that are found within the reserve are the secret to this paradise: a hike through these gardens will give you the opportunity to see up to 200 different species of birds.[/wc_box] This invaluable treasure left by […]


Eco Pass [2 Full Day Tours]

American Pygmy Kingfisher - Tela, Honduras

[wc_box color=”info” text_align=”left”] Two awesome day-tours in a budget-friendly package. [/wc_box] Fan of nature and easy adventure? Punta Sal day tour suits you well then! We start the trip in the morning at our pier and after 45 minutes of boat we arrive to the National Park. There we will cross the peninsula to discover […]


Copan One Day Tour [Full Day]

Copan Ball Game

Copan offers the most elaborate high relief sculptures in the Mayan World, with 2 world class archaeological museums. [wc_box color=”info” text_align=”left”] The crown jewel of Honduras travel on mainland Honduras, Copan is the main gateway for travelers arriving to Honduras by land from Guatemala. A charming travel destination with a variety of hotels, restaurants, bars […]


Crocodiles Night Watch [Night Tour]

Crocodiles Watch Night Tour

Punta Izopo presents to you the mangrove forest, one of the most vital and astounding ecosystems in the world and is now known best in our Crocodile Night Watch tour in the North Coast of Honduras. [wc_box color=”info” text_align=”left”] Covering thousands of acres of protected forest, this amazing environment is home to a large number […]


Punta Izopo [Full Day]

Kayaking Mangrove Canals of Punta Izopo

Adrenaline, mangrove river, and an exuberant jungle full of wild life awaiting to be adventured through in our kayak tour where the Rio Platano meets the Caribbean beach in a full day of all nature scenery. [wc_box color=”info” text_align=”left”] Starting from the coast of the Caribbean city of Tela, you will go to the jungle […]


Los Micos Lagoon [Full Day]

Los Micos Lagoon - White Egret

Come visit Tela, Honduras’ wildlife refuge lagoon that holds many canals with mangroves and small islands which serve as a refuge for an abundant marine life, reptiles and over 342 species of birds. One of the main attractions of the Jeannette Kawas National Park, Los Micos Lagoon abound in aquatic birds and monkeys. [1 Day […]


Punta Sal [Full Day]

Jeanette Kawas National Park - Cocalito Beach

Jeannette Kawas National Park (also known as Punta Sal) accessible only by water is a great opportunity to enjoy an unspoiled beach, snorkeling, hiking, wildlife and a delicious local style lunch. [wc_box color=”info” text_align=”left”] Offering you the very best of both coastal marine and tropical forest ecosystems, Punta Sal is an excursion of diversity. Launching […]