Go kayaking in Punta Izopo

Punta Izopo

Join us in this 2 – 3 hours of guided paddling into the heart of the mangroves at Punta Izopo. Kayak through channels, over the shallows and under the full canopy of the mangroves. Several aquatic birds are frequently seen such as the “bujaja” either if you are just starting or are you experienced, this […]


Our weekly top offer: Punta Sal

Punta Sal

Jeanette Kawas National Park (Spanish: Parque Nacional Jeannette Kawas) is a national park located in the municipality of Tela, on the northern Caribbean coast of the Atlántida department of Honduras. It was established on 4 November 1994.[2] The park covers an area of 781.62 square kilometres and has an altitude of 900 metres. The park […]


Love plants? Lancetilla is your choice!


Lancetilla Botanical Gardens As the 2nd largest tropical botanical gardens in the world The diverse habitats that are found within the reserve are the secret to this paradise: a hike through these gardens will give you the opportunity to see up to 200 different species of birds. This invaluable treasure left by the Banana Company, […]


Cayos Cochinos

Cayos Cochinos 002

Launching off by ferry from la Ceiba , a one hour trip to the virgin white beaches of Cayos Cochinos will leave you in awe as you look back at the mainland with the magnificent ‘Cordillera Gracias a Dios’ towering in the distance. Coral reefs and pristine sandy beaches make up this archipelago of 13 […]