Love plants? Lancetilla is your choice!

Lancetilla Flowers

Lancetilla Botanical Gardens As the 2nd largest tropical botanical gardens in the world

The diverse habitats that are found within the reserve are the secret to this paradise: a hike through these gardens will give you the opportunity to see up to 200 different species of birds.

This invaluable treasure left by the Banana Company, has the most extensive collection of indigenous as well as Oceanic and Asian fruit trees in Tropical America, where many rare bird species will reward you with a feast of color and sound.

A walk through the fascinating stretch of bamboo forest will lead you to a refreshing swimming hole at Lancetilla River.

What to bring: Camera, swimwear, binoculars, notebook and pencil. Insect repellent.

Level of Difficulty: Literally it’s a walk in the park. It all depends how far you want to walk in the park. Most commonly seen fauna and flora: Fruit trees from diverse countries and continents: The ‘Pili Nut’ from the Philippines, the ‘Wampi’ from Asia, the ‘Supucaia’ from South America, the ‘Cereza’ from Barbados, the ‘Canistel’ from Polynesia, the ‘Jaboticaba’ and Brazil Nut from Brazil. Birds such as the trogons, motmots, oropéndulas, and toucans are common.

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