Garifuna Villages

All along the Bay of Tela there are several different Garifuna communities, and perhaps some of the most interesting ones in all the country are right here. From west to east, you will find the Rio Tinto, Miami, Tornabe, San Juan, La Ensenada and finally Triunfo de la Cruz. Amongst these, without doubt, the most interesting and unique is Miami, the only one that to this day is still completely built of thatched huts. You can eat typical foods at all the villages, and learn some of their traditions.

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Outstanding, and definitely fun, are the “punta” and “yancunu” dances, that have origins in their African roots. With the exception of Rio Tinto and Miami, all of the villages are easily reached, with good public transportation readily available. You can also rent a bicycle and have the added advantage of free time to discover all the interesting facets of these villages and their people at your own pace. In some of the Garifuna villages there are hotels where you can stay and experience the lifestyle of the Garifuna. An example of these are the Last Resort at Tornabe, the Budari at La Ensenada and the Paradise at San Juan.