Punta Izopo presents to you the mangrove forest, one of the most vital and astounding ecosystems in the world and is now known best in our Crocodile Night Watch tour in the North Coast of Honduras.

Covering thousands of acres of protected forest, this amazing environment is home to a large number of birds, reptiles, mammals and insects. Approximately 70% of its wildlife is nocturnal, a fact that has made this night tour one of our most fascinating adventures.

This excursion involves kayaking through the maze of mangrove creeks and rivers making up the Río Plátano and the Río Hicaque Lagoon, located in the core zone of the Park. This exciting tour gives you the chance to see the crocodiles that inhabit the canals and mangroves. Normaly wildlife in mangroves can be seen mostly at sunrise or sunset, so this tour allows you to see more species of birds and the excitement of sighting crocodiles.

This tour is more of an activity, or an eco-adventure – although the amount of exertion is up to you. On the open stretches, you may go at a fair pace, and once in the narrow mangrove canals – just idle along.

Alligator, howler monkey, boat-billed heron (Bujaja), 5 species of Kingfisher, green-backed heron, anhinga, cormorant, pelicans, jellyfish, fiddler crabs, blue morph butterfly.

  • Camera in water resistant pouch and/or disposable underwater camera
  • Swimwear
  • Small bottle of water for kayak trip
  • Flashlight (if you have)
  • Insect repellent

Dinner and drinks available at Triunfo de la Cruz.

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