Adrenaline, mangrove river, and an exuberant jungle full of wild life awaiting to be adventured through in our kayak tour where the Rio Platano meets the Caribbean beach in a full day of all nature scenery.

Starting from the coast of the Caribbean city of Tela, you will go to the jungle and the beach at the same time, passing through two Garifuna Villages until we reach to Punta Izopo National Park.

When you arrive to the Park you start the journey, kayaking through the maze of mangrove creeks and rivers making up the Río Plátano and the Río Hicaque Lagoon. As you penetrate the mangroves, paddling through the narrow channels, there is an incredible atmosphere as the greenery closes in around you – and you realize how close you are to the sights and sounds of the tropics. Butterflies such as the Blue Morph abound as well as an ample variety of water birds including kingfishers and herons. We go back onto to the vehcle, for a visit to one of the Garifuna Villages were you can swim and have a typical lunch by the beach. 8:30 – 3pm.

This tour is more of an activity, or an eco-adventure – although the amount of exertion is up to you. On the open stretches, you may go at a fair pace, and once in the narrow mangrove canals – just idle along. Thereafter it is relaxing on the beach – or not!

Alligator, howler monkey, boat-billed heron (Bujaja), 5 species of Kingfisher, green-backed heron, anhinga, cormorant, pelicans, jellyfish, fiddler crabs, blue morph butterfly.

  • Camera in water resistant pouch and/or disposable underwater camera
  • Sunscreen and hat/cap, swimwear
  • Small bottle of water for kayak trip
  • Binoculars (if you have)
  • Insect repellent is not necessary, but advisable

Lunch and drinks available at The Village.

Meeting point 8:15 at Garifuna Tours. Minimum 4 pax.

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