A 30 minute drive from La Ceiba will take us up-river through an imposing valley, which reinforces our sense of smallness. From the outset, intense paddling is interspersed with calm stretches – to rest and also to do some cliff jumping. Hedged in by the tropical forest of Pico Bonito, we’ll also hike the Bejuco trail up to a refreshing waterfall; and afterwards regain our strength with a lunch of tropical fruit, before tackling the last cluster of rapids. Rafting the grade 3/4 rapids of Rio Cangrejal will leave you with a feeling of accomplishment at its completion, as you wait for the adrenaline to subside! 8:30 am – 2:00 pm

This is the most strenuous of our tours. If you’re the type for adventure travel or sport, the white-water rafting is a cinch. It is neither unbearable nor is it a gentle paddle down the stream! Rest assured that there will be sufficient time along the way to take a breather and recoup.

Homo sapiens: a bit of team work is involved! The short hike into Pico Bonito will reveal various species of birds, and the lush flora of a typical rain forest.

  • Sunscreen and waterproof sandals, cap or hat.
  • A disposable Kodak waterproof camera with a rubber wrist-strap.

Meeting point 7:45 at Garífuna Tours

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